Nokia 808 Pureview goes up against Nokia N8, should probably pick on someone its own age (video)

Aside from a brief video ad to show off its own motion-capture chops, it's gone a little quiet on Nokia's 808 PureView. The imposing 41-megapixel cameraphone, or phone-camera, is Nokia's latest Symbian device so why not run it (almost) side-by-side with the Nokia N8? The screen looks substantially more impressive on the 808 PureView, which is 0.5 inches larger than its older relative, but that brighter showing probably has more to do with the new phone's placement center-stage in exx10sive's hands-on video. Arguably Nokia's last Symbian big-hitter, the 808 PureView seems far more responsive to touch; apps appear to launch almost immediately, while the Belle UI also seems better suited to the newer device, with larger menu text and icons in view. The camera app has also been given a more modern flavor, in line with other smartphone camera UIs. A full-fat eight-minute comparison lies in wait after the break. Hopefully, those hints at a May launch will hold true -- we're waiting for the camera, not the Symbian.