Syfy begins production on TV side of transmedia 'Defiance'

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Syfy begins production on TV side of transmedia 'Defiance'
Science fiction TV channel Syfy (Really? Still calling it that?) has reportedly begun production on the pilot of Defiance, that previously announced huge transmedia property in conjunction with Trion Worlds. The idea is that there will be both a TV show and an MMO, and that narratives and actions from each one will intersect in some way with the other. The pilot will star Dexter's Julie Benz, 24's Mia Kirshner, and True Blood's Grant Bowler, and feature writing by David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, and music by Bear McCreary, who all worked together on the popular Battlestar Galactica series.

The show will take place on a destroyed future earth, where "human and alien survivors of a universal war" have to work together to build a new society. Trion Worlds (creators of Rift and End of Nations) is putting the MMO together, and both the game and the TV series are expected out in Spring 2013.
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