Hands-on with Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech announced its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new iPad and iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago, and today we got our grubby mitts on the thing. In case you forgot, it attaches to your Apple tablet like a Smart Cover when not in use, but perhaps you didn't know that those magnets secure the slate in stand mode as well. And secure is the operative word, once you slot your slate in, it takes a concerted effort to dislodge it -- plus, there's virtually no shaking of the screen while typing away on the keyboard. As for those chiclets, they have a predictably short throw, but aside from a hollow feeling when pressing the spacebar and shift keys, the rest of the grid gave a satisfying snick with each button press. Build quality of the keyboard was good, without any massive seam gaps or other glaring defects, and the aluminum back makes for quite an attractive package when attached to the iPad. The deck is, unfortunately, slathered in glossy black plastic -- a customer preference, Logitech was quick to point out -- which results in plenty of finger and palm prints when typing. Other than those niggles, however, it's a compelling option for folks wanting to do some tactile tablet typing.