Sony exec confirms IPTV aspirations, says they're on hold due to bandwidth caps

CES came and went without an update on the status of an alleged cable TV alternative the Wall Street Journal claimed Sony was building to push ahead its four screen strategy, but now Sony Network Entertainment VP Michael Aragon has given the rumor new life. Variety reports that during its Entertainment & Technology Summit Monday Aragon confirmed the company is considering offering TV services over the internet, but is waiting to see what happens with ISP bandwidth caps. Specifically referring to the Comcast 250GB limit that has recently come under fire from Netflix and others now that its Xfinity TV app on Xbox 360 skirts the cap entirely, Aragon noted cable companies have the pipe and the bandwidth and can restrict competing services. We've heard Netflix has been trying to negotiate its own path around such restrictions even as Redbox partners with Verizon on a video service, and rumors have periodically popped up linking Apple, Microsoft and any other tech giant you could name to similar plans. What does all this mean for the future? No one can say for sure yet, but unless some of the key players start to partner up instead of go to war we may need the FCC to step in before anything significant changes.