Samsung's SGH-i667 'Mandel' Windows Phone surfaces, still shrouded in mystery

Sure, today's gadget news is saturated with Samsung's new Galaxy S III, but lest we forget that it's been a hot minute since its released a Windows Phone device. The last we saw were the Focus S and Flash, and that was right around when the Nokia Lumia 800 and Galaxy Nexus were still fresh in our minds. Well, this can only be classified as a potential leak, but two purported photos of another Samsung WP7.5 device, codenamed "Mandel," was recently posted at the WPXAP forums. While there's not much in the way of hard details, according to WPCentral, this is the white, LTE-enabled SGH-i667 that passed through the FCC during March with AT&T bands, but then apparently nixed before it could hit stores. Along with the photo, a screenshot from the Zune software shows it having only 8GB of capacity, which likely means it wasn't slated to be a premium offering. That's about all the info that's surfaced for now on the Mandel, but feel free to hit up the links below for more details and analysis. Here's hoping that Samsung will announce more love for Windows Phone soon.