Glif+: Even more iPhoneography love in the same small package

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Glif+: Even more iPhoneography love in the same small package


If there's one accessory that every iPhoneographer should have in his or her pocket, it's the Glif. You probably remember our previous coverage of this cool little gizmo -- it fits onto the side of an iPhone and has a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom. Now Studio Neat has made the Glif even spiffier with some new additions. The Glif+ (US$30) adds two pieces to the original Glif ($20) to make it even more useful.

What's new? Well, there were always two little problems with the original Glif -- first, it was easy to lose and second, if you put the iPhone and Glif into an odd position the phone could fall out. By adding the Serif and the Ligature to the Glif, Studio Neat solved both issues.


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The Serif is a tiny plastic piece that snaps onto the existing Glif and provides an "arm" that holds the iPhone into place, even when the Glif and iPhone are hanging upside-down. Of course, you can always use your Glif "sans Serif" in the traditional manner...

The Ligature is a tiny metal ring that screws into the bottom of the Glif, allowing you to attach your Glif to a key ring or hang it from a strap. This should be very useful for keeping the Glif close at hand for your iPhoneography needs.

If you already have a Glif, you can buy just the Serif and Ligature in a "+Pack" for $12. Oh, and one more thing -- the box that the Glif+ comes in? It can even be used as a tripod. Very clever, these Studio Neat guys.

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