Another title from Tiny Wings creator coming this month


We haven't heard much (anything, really) from Tiny Wings creator Andreas Illiger since he released his amazing little iOS game Tiny Wings, featuring a cute bird flying through a series of random hills. Illiger was a little intimidated (not surprisingly) after his game got so big so fast, and he disappeared from the public eye, even as his title sold millions and millions of copies on the App Store. But he didn't stop working, apparently. He intends to release another game very soon.

In this (very rare) interview, he says that he was shocked by all the attention Tiny Wings received. Despite making plenty of money, the only extravagance he's gone for was a new computer. He's still working alone, not with a big studio, and while he says the new game will be for iOS, everything else about the game is "a big secret."

It should be out in just a few weeks. It's good to see Illiger is managing to keep his head through all of this. It'll be very interesting to see what he's working on next.

[via Joystiq]