Fisker Karma reportedly sets house on fire, doesn't restore cosmic balance (updated)

Fisker's Karma woes aren't relenting anytime soon, as one new owner just found out the hard way. A driver in Sugar Land, Texas parked his recently obtained hybrid sedan in his garage last week, only to have the car self-immolate minutes later and damage his new home. Despite the slight risk of lithium-ion batteries catching fire, the luxury car's power pack (unplugged at the time) appears to have been left in one piece -- suggesting that something more complicated is at fault. For their part, neither Fisker nor insurance investigators are ready to offer a definite explanation as to what set the car on fire, although an electrical panel in the garage is a possible lead. Hybrids and pure EVs typically aren't at significant risk of igniting, so we might not ask for a refund... but we would recommend keeping an eye (and a nose) on any potential fire hazards around your eco-friendly auto.

Update: Looks like Fisker's about to take some more heat. Here's a statement from the owner's attorney:

The fire department recently completed their investigation and determined the origin of the fire was, in fact, Gutierrez's newly purchased Fisker Karma hybrid electric vehicle that he just took possession of two weeks earlier

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