Soul Sacrifice is Keiji Inafune's Vita game, features gruesome magic

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Soul Sacrifice is Keiji Inafune's Vita game, features gruesome magic
While Sony's Japan Studio is the only listed name on the teaser video for Soul Sacrifice, a new Famitsu story adds some other names to the roster. Former Capcom exec, current Comcept/Intercept head, and Neptunia mk2 weapon Keiji Inafune is in charge of planning on the Vita game for his company Comcept.

That would mean Soul Sacrifice is the Vita game he semi-accidentally announced, and then attempted to unannounce, earlier this year. Inafune is working with developer Marvelous AQL, with composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama providing music.

The game allows players to cast powerful magic spells, but requires a payment ("Sacrifice") for each. You can sacrifice objects, but the most powerful spells require you to give up parts of your character's body – in an example given, you give up an eye to summon a Gorgon. The player has been enslaved by a sorcerer, and captured in a small cell, when a demonic book appears that allows the player to experience past magical battles – which you can do with up to four players.

Head to Famitsu now to see many, many screenshots and pieces of Comcept concept art.
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