Siri shown to launch, run mock experiment by British Telecom

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Siri isn't just a personal assistant who can read your messages or check your calendar. The voice assistant may also play a role in finding a cure for cancer. A team of researchers from BioTeam, Accelrys and British Telecom worked together to plug Siri into scientific data analysis software that's accessible via the cloud.

In a proof-of-concept video, the team shows Siri interacting with analysis software Accelrys Pipeline Pilot to crunch numbers from an experiment. Siri can launch the analysis and retrieve results using only a person's voice. The link between Siri and the Pipeline Pilot software is the BT Compute cloud platform from British Telecom. You can check out the demo in the video below and read more about the technology on the BioTeam's website.

[Via Gizmodo]

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