Breakfast Topic: What haven't you done in the game yet?

Allison Robert
A. Robert|05.11.12

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Like Mat, I read through Reddit's /r/wow community a few days ago and really enjoyed an interesting thread about an Alterac Valley match versus a multiboxer. In case you haven't heard of this, it's a great story. The multiboxer in question was a Horde player with 30+ characters (!) camped in Drek's room and, predictably enough, he was annihilating anyone who peeked in. The Alliance had all but given up when someone hit on the bright idea of summoning Ivus the Forest Lord and letting the now-86 elite loose on the multiboxed raid. It worked, and not only did Ivus handily curb-stomp the multiboxer, but the Alliance also won the match.

After reading this thread, it occurred to me that I've never seen a single Alterac Valley match where anyone summoned Ivus or his Horde counterpart, Lokholar the Ice Lord. I started playing at the beginning of The Burning Crusade, and I get the impression that the days-long AV matches where these summons and special events were common largely ended in classic. But you know what? Now I really want to see what kind of havoc one of these bad boys could wreak on a gloriously unsuspecting enemy, and it's vaulted to the top of my WoW To-Do list.

So what's on your WoW bucket list? What haven't you done in the game yet that's on your list of goals?
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