First Awesomenauts DLC teased, update incoming

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First Awesomenauts DLC teased, update incoming
Given the financial state of Awesomenauts publisher DTP, the fate of the game's promised downloadable content was somewhat nebulous. Thankfully, developer Ronimo has revealed that both the first patch and downloadable character are on the way. As you can see in the teaser image above, it's a lady, which makes her the first female Awesomenaut. We don't know anything officially, though she appears to be wielding some sort of energy ball, has a Medusa hairdo and is clearly riding a hoverboard.

Furthermore, Awesomenauts' first update is coming down the pipe. The update will include balance fixes suggested by community members, though Ronimo adds that "so far the consensus appears that the game is already fairly well balanced, which is great." Indeed. Patch notes for the update should be coming next week.

Finally, Ronimo states that the launch went smoothly, with over half a million games played since launch, though some users have reported connection errors. The studio is working to resolve the issue, which seems to be related to NAT settings, and advises affected players to reset their routers and consoles as a temporary fix.
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