Samsung Galaxy S III: Pentile Super AMOLED used 'because it lasts longer'

Nice processor, shame about the Pentile. It's something that several people have been saying about Samsung's new chest-beating flagship. So why didn't it plump for the warmer Super AMOLED Plus found on both its predecessor and the bigger-boned Galaxy Note? According to Samsung's spokesperson, it's because those blue sub-pixels that are absent on Super AMOLED displays degrade faster than their red and green allies. With the aim of keeping its phones healthily glowing for at least 18 months, it made the decision to go with the Pentile formation. Compared to the Galaxy Nexus, which matches the resolution of the Galaxy S III, Samsung has also shrunk the gaps between pixels on its newest phone in an effort to reduce complaints leveled at its Super AMOLED technology -- although we didn't notice it all that much under our microscope.