Go-Go Dog Pals lets you exercise Rover without tapping your precious calorie reserve

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Go-Go Dog Pals lets you exercise Rover without tapping your precious calorie reserve

Sure you love your dog, but having him watch you sit on the sofa doesn't constitute playtime. Standing up and even running around outside together will surely get the job done, but why get up for exercise when you're perfectly comfortable on the couch? That's the idea behind Go-Go Dog Pals, coined "the funnest most fun way to exercise your dog." Unless you have a few acres to play with beyond the front door, you'll still need to to bring Rover out to the yard before unleashing the wireless gopher look-alike, but there finally appears to be a solution for controlling your dog just as you do your TV -- with a remote. The Go-Go has plenty of pep under the hood, thanks to its dual-motor, four-wheel drive and top speed of 35 kilometers (22 miles) per hour, and it could be yours for the not-so-modest sum of $300. There is a $25 discount on order, if you can pull the trigger by July 1st -- just enter "CHASE" at checkout. Paws-on video is just past the break.

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The Chase Is On for Dogs with Go-Go Dog Pals

The Most Fun Way to Exercise Your Dog

SOLANA BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dogs across America are having more fun and getting great exercise with a next generation toy made exclusively for canines by Go-Go Dog Pals. The Go-Go Dog Pals product uses state-of-the-art remote control technology, allowing you to lead your dog on an interactive chase. Go-Go Dog Pals provide the exercise your dog needs and craves without wearing you out. The durable construction of the Go-Go Dog Pals product makes it the perfect play partner for your dog. It can be used in a park, a yard, or just about any smooth surface where your dog can run. Go-Go Dog Pals are a fun and convenient way to exercise and play with your best friend.

"Dogs naturally like to chase because that is really what they were born to do," stated Go-Go Dog Pals founder William Bowen. "Whether it's sheep or cattle, rabbits or squirrels, or other dogs, it's in their DNA. Dogs are not meant to lead sedentary lives, but many owners find it difficult to consistently exercise their dogs properly. Lack of exercise can lead to health and behavior problems. The Go-Go Dog Pals product is a great way to provide the exercise critical to your dog's health without exhausting you in the process. Dogs love it, and it's fun for the whole family."

About Go-Go Dog Pals:

Go-Go Dog Pals is a premium provider of pet-pleasing products that can improve the health and lifestyles of pets and their owners. The mission of Go-Go Dog Pals is to skyrocket the fun factor of dog exercise. The toy is great for owners who have limited time, who are older, fitness challenged, disabled or otherwise have difficulty training their pets. It is also great for dogs that are athletic or have high energy, and can be used for training for sight hounds and hunting dogs. Go-Go Dog Pals are available at www.gogodogpals.com, where you can find additional information about Go-Go Dog Pals.

Get $25 off your Go-Go when you order by July 1st. Use the coupon code 'CHASE' at checkout.

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