The Daily Grind: What's on your character's to do list?

To Do List

There's always something to be doing to advance your character in MMOs, whether it's as grand as epic raiding or as mundane as getting that Litter Bug achievement for cleaning up the in-game park. While some folks simply log in and do whatever their whims dictate, I have a feeling that many of us have elaborate to-do lists that guide our actions.

I love doing this with MMOs because it makes me feel like a multitasking genius. Working toward six or seven goals at once generates a tsunami of accomplishment in my soul, and there is nothing quite as satisfying as crossing off tasks from my own list.

So what's on your character's to do list today? What goals are you working toward, and how long do you expect them to take? Unleash your inner accountant and show us the details!

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