TERA goes on special sale on Amazon, comes with shiny mask

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TERA goes on special sale on Amazon, comes with shiny mask
So I just learned what TERA actually stands for. I'd always assumed it was 'tiny elim, RAHHHH ACTION'
We've told you previously about Amazon's special limited-time MAYhem sales, but the news just keeps getting better. Today TERA is on sale at 50% off (and it will be again on May 26th), bringing it down to a delectable $24.99 for the standard edition and $29.99 for the collector's. What's more, folks who purchase between now and May 28th will get treated to an "Olive Bandit Mask," an exclusive new facial customization feature.
The olive bandit mask is a subtle bit of headwear for essential outlaw occasions. This mask disguises your identity while enhancing your reputation as a figure of mystery. Don't get caught without your exclusive olive bandit mask while out adventuring in the world of TERA. Better yet, don't get caught at all.
If you're kicking yourself for missing out on a free goodie because you purchased the game already, fear not! Any Amazon customers who've previously bought the Digital Download of TERA will have the item code automagically placed into their Games and Software Library. Amazon's aiming to reward its loyal users by making sure that all such unique content is offered to all customers. That means that anyone who purchases now will also be eligible to receive any future unique promotional items.

If you've been waiting for a price-drop to take a running jump into the world of TERA, it just may be that now's your time, especially since there's nothing cuter than a Popori in a bandit mask.

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