Apple details neighbors on Campus 2 plans, extends rare request for feedback

Cupertino residents may have received an unsolicited package from their most prominent neighbor this week. No, it's not a new iPad, or an early look at the iPhone 5 -- instead, people close to Apple (from a physical perspective) opened the glossy mailing to reveal a detailed look at Apple Campus 2, which will consist of 176 acres currently occupied by "aging buildings" and trees. As we already know, the campus will feature one main circular four-story building with 2.8 million square feet of office and common space, along with an additional 300,000 square feet set aside for dedicated (secure) research buildings. There will be a restaurant, fitness center and other facilities aimed to "reduce automobile trips" as part of the company's plan to protect the environment. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer appeals to neighbors in a single-page letter, offering additional information upon receipt of a pre-stamped response card, which also prompts neighbors to add their name to a list of supporters, attend a public meeting or write a letter to show their support for the new Apple complex. You'll find Oppenheimer's letter in full after the break, along with additional photos at the source link.

Dear Neighbor,

We'd like to update you on our plans for Apple Campus 2, a new, state-of-the-art research campus in Cupertino.

The new campus site is bound to the west by Wolfe Road, to the north by Homestead Road, to the east by North Tantau Avenue, and to the south by Interstate 280. Today there are 26 aging buildings totaling approximately 2.65 million square feet on this 176-acre site. We plan to replace them with a single ring-shaped, four-story building of approximately 2.8 million square feet. We also plan to replace nearly 300,000 square feet of existing buildings east of North Tantau Avenue with 300,000 square feet of new research buildings.

The new main building and research facilities are intended to accommodate approximately 13,000 employees, over 3,000 more than the existing site. Finally, we are including in our overall plan an additional 300,000 square feet of expansion space for future growth. A segment of Pruneridge Avenue will be closed and integrated into the campus to create a unified and secure environment.

Respect for our neighbors was a priority as we designed Apple Campus 2. The main building will be set back from the street. By keeping the majority of existing trees along the perimeter -- and planting additional perimeter trees and thousands of new ones throughout the interior -- the building will fade into the landscape. What's currently a sea of asphalt will be transformed into nearly 120 acres of green space.

We are also committed to protecting the environment. Apple Campus 2 will attain LEED certification, and we are confident it will exceed the City of Cupertino's standards for environmental sustainability. The campus will be clean, with no manufacturing or heavy industrial activity onsite.

Apple Campus 2 will also include a restaurant, a fitness center, and other amenities to serve Apple employees and reduce automobile trips. As with the current site, Apple Campus 2 will not be open to the public. Infinite Loop will remain our corporate headquarters, and we will continue to occupy many of our existing buildings in Cupertino.

Here is our current schedule:
- Later this year, the City of Cupertino expects to consider the campus plans, which were submitted in August 2011.
- Apple plans to break ground immediately after city approval and begin occupying the campus in 2015.

If you have questions or comments, or would like more information about Apple Campus 2, please fill out and return the postage-paid response card included in this mailing. You may also visit the City of Cupertino website at


Peter Oppenheimer
SVP and Chief Financial Officer