Virgin Mobile adds $40 payLo unlimited plan for talk and text types

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|05.22.12

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Virgin Mobile's feature phone arm just added a third tier, delivering unlimited talk and texting, along with 50 megs of web access for $40 per month. This offering joins Sprint's other payLo budget offerings, including an entry-level option that includes 400 minutes of talk time for $20 per month, and a $30 monthly plan that delivers 1,500 minutes, 1,500 texts and 30MB of data. Overage charges are quite hefty, at $0.10 per minute, $0.25 per message and $1.50 per MB (ouch!), with the option to reset the counter instead by starting a new month once you hit the threshold. Considering that the plans are designed for feature phones (which are seldom used for anything but basic web access), the tier limits do sound manageable -- perhaps even a deal, if you talk a lot and never browse the web. The payLo plan can be paired with any of Virgin's feature phones, which range in price from $15 (for a sold-out LG101) to $50 (for a QWERTY-equipped Kyocera S2300). Get the full scoop from Sprint in the PR after the break.

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Talk 'n' Texters Get More on payLo

New $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plan ideal for consumers with moderate usage on feature phones

WARREN, N.J. (BUSINESS WIRE), May 21, 2012 - The no-contract market continues to grow, most visibly with smartphones but also for those traditional customers who want value with unlimited plans but who don't need all the bells and whistles. Today, payLo by Virgin Mobile announces a $40 monthly Unlimited Talk and Text plan that provides even more value. Customers get unlimited voice minutes and messages (text, picture, email and/or IM) plus 50MB of Web access.

The $40 monthly plan is ideal combined with payLo's affordable and dependable feature phones including the Samsung M575. At just $49.99, the M575 packs power with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for texters, a bright 2.4-inch screen, Virgin Mobile Navigator, 2MP camera and camcorder, Bluetooth® and easy access to the Web. The feature phone also supports microSD cards to safely store and transfer music, photos and video.1

"Even with the huge increase in data usage, there are still millions of people who mainly talk and text," said Mark Lederman, director, payLo, "and they deserve reliable service and phones. Half of our current payLo customers are primarily talking and texting, and now we're providing to them unlimited value that suits their needs."

With payLo by Virgin Mobile, there are no activation fees and no long-term contracts. Adding to a monthly balance is simple with payLo or Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards, or with a credit/debit card or PayPal account online. payLo offers Top-Up cards in various denominations, which can be used to purchase monthly service and other such items as international calling, ringtones and downloads.

Last year, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine cited payLo's Talk & Text plan on The Best List 2011 for "cheap-talk-text-surf" cellphone plans.2

About payLo by Virgin Mobile

payLo by Virgin Mobile, one of Sprint's prepaid brands, offers affordable alternatives to long-term wireless contracts for cellphone users seeking more basic communication services. payLo branded handsets are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Best Buy, RadioShack and Target. Top-Up cards are available at approximately 150,000 locations nationwide. Purchase and experience payLo on the Web at

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