The MMO Report: Pre-E3 edition

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The MMO Report: Pre-E3 edition
The MMO Report
Heads up, ladies and gents; it's time for a special pre-E3 edition of The MMO Report. That's right, the biggest event in the industry is rolling out the proverbial red carpet next week, and MMOs have plenty on the slate for the big event. G4's fabulous Casey Schreiner has a look at some of the big pre-E3 MMO news as well as a taste of what players can expect from the convention.

For your appetizer, we have a look at the three factions of ZeniMax's upcoming title, The Elder Scrolls Online. You can wash that down with a tall glass of Trion Worlds' MMO-television crossover game, Defiance. That should be sufficient to prepare you for the main course of PlanetSide 2's delicious MAX suit reveal as well as a few more post-meal treats. So what are you waiting for? Pull up a seat and check out the full video below.

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