Previously on MV TV: The week of May 19th

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Previously on MV TV: The week of May 19th
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Missing livestreams is so 2011! There's no excuse now, what with the livestream schedule page going up every week, the constant reminders across Twitter, and the super-cool regulars we have who hang out in the chat room with us. But, alas, some of you do occasionally miss a stream or two and need someone to point out what you might have missed. That someone would be me, and this column is the place to go.

Last week we had all sorts of cool stuff. Some of the highlights? First we had Richie with some Diablo III Hell-smashing action, MJ deciding to run some dungeons in EverQuest II and Aion, finishing up her Choose My Adventure run in City of Heroes and checking up housing decorations in Vanguard. I'm known to run a stream or two as well, and this week I showed off the new fully voice-acted quest Song from the Depths in RuneScape.

Click past the cut and enjoy!

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This week, Richie was in hell wrapped in a nightmare. More specifically, he played nightmare difficulty of Diablo III on his trusty witch doctor, Yogafire. He scoured the demon-infested lands in search of rare artifacts to bolster his power so he could eventually defeat Diablo...again. Between the mindless slaughter and bodies exploding with treasure, he managed to squeeze in a few jokes and a reference to the 1983 game show, Press Your Luck. Check out the recorded show to see if he was able to avoid the whammies.

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Winter may be coming for those in Westeros, but for MJ, "Wipe is Coming." In this week's EverQuest II-sday dungeon run, she experienced her own little game in Throne of Storms. The game was a version of "How quickly can we die?"; the half-group didn't even make it through the first room in this hard dungeon. Next, however, the dungeon finder did well and actually sent her to the next instance she was heading to anyways, the Shard of Love. The run was smooth sailing for just her and her merc, but she didn't turn down the company of two random folks who joined in. After all, there is plenty of muck kicking for all!

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Dungeon week continued as MJ found a group to accompany through Theobomos Labs and introduced viewers to big blobbles and baby blobbles. Blobbles truly make it all worthwhile! The run itself was pretty tame even if lacking in DPS; there were plenty of interesting bosses to see and the promise of a glorious suicide run to the final boss. But the clock was ticking. Did she make it to the final boss in time? You'll just have to watch and see.

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For the final run of Choose My Adventure Live, MJ joined up with some viewers and took off on a rescue mission. But it wasn't just any old story mission; you all voted to hear the story narrated. She knew there was an evil streak in you! Can MJ keep a straight face while adding, shall we just say "different," voices to the experience? You really have no one but yourselves to blame for the results!

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Stalked by Snowmen, the new hit series starring MJ, continued with a look at the decorating skills of Telon residents. Unfortunately, the folks in Thestra were pretty distrustful -- most of the doors were locked, including the really cool looking guild halls. Luckily, Kojan residents were a bit more welcoming. If you are looking for some decorating ideas, this is the show to catch. And count how many times YOU see the snowman appear! You never really know when or where one will turn up.

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Lastly I dove into the fully voice-acted quest Song from the Depths in RuneScape, working my way through a dreamworld to get to figure out what was keeping Rimmington's men-folk asleep. The quest is brand new so keep an eye out for spoilers, but turn your speakers up to hear the beautiful music and voice acting.

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.
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