Sotheby's to auction off working Apple-1

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Sotheby's to auction off working Apple-1


Earlier today, we mentioned that Sotheby's is selling a memo that Steve Jobs sent to Atari. While that hand-written note will be interesting to history buffs, another Sotheby's item will garner the attention of Apple hardware enthusiasts. According to Macworld, Sotheby's is also auctioning off a working Apple-1 computer. The Apple-1 is one of 50 remaining units and one of only six working units in existence. It includes a cassette interface and several manuals.

The Apple-1 was sold as a logic board and originally retailed for $666. Buyers had to supply their own cases, power supply, keyboard and monitor. The working unit is expected to fetch between US$120,000 and $180,000 when it's auctioned off next month.

[Via Macworld]

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