Diablo 3's Battle.net down again; June 12 targeted for real-money auction house [update]

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Diablo 3's Battle.net down again; June 12 targeted for real-money auction house [update]
Update: It appears the issues are coming to an end, at least for the moment. Diablo 3 servers are coming back online and some of auction house features have returned. The real-money auction house is still targeted for a June 12 release, according to an in-game message.

Original Story: The toughest boss in Diablo 3 continues to be the game's dreaded 'Error' codes, as Blizzard's Battle.net service has gone down for the count again this afternoon after being down all morning for scheduled maintenance due to the release of Patch 1.0.2. Blizzard says that it is aware of the issue, and is "currently investigating the cause."

"We're aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which result in failed or slow login attempts," a message in Diablo 3's 'Breaking News' module currently reads. Attempts to log into the game yield the message that servers are down for maintenance.

Blizzard is also working on the Auction House as well - commodities sales have been down since last week, and the Auction House itself was down for a few extra hours today, past the planned maintenance. The real-money auction house has been delayed indefinitely, but the in-game notification for the feature noted a new target date of June 12, since last night.

In the meantime, until the servers come back up, feel free to do exactly what a few select Joystiq editors are doing: Rocking back and forth in a corner, mumbling something about Belial being behind this treachery.
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