Verizon, Google get ready to post Galaxy Nexus' Android 4.0.4 update, really really this time

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After a horrible tease at the start of the month, Google and Verizon finally appear ready to roll out the Android 4.0.4 update for the LTE Galaxy Nexus. Verizon has just posted the install guide for its elusive IMM76K upgrade, a telltale sign that the update could push out (in this case, from Google) within the next few days. The fixes are largely those that hit the HSPA+ version in March, although that means important Calendar interface tweaks as well as email and device fixes. More than anything, it should close one of the most inexplicably long chapters for minor OS updates in recent memory: Verizon's Galaxy Nexus owners are the last to get 4.0.4, having run on 4.0.2 since December and having exhibited even more patience than Sprint buyers.

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