Wurm Online rewards loyal players with more new land

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|05.30.12

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Wurm Online rewards loyal players with more new land
Wurm Online
When Wurm Online's website and wiki was hacked earlier this month, many players thought it meant the game itself was hacked and potentially posed a threat to their own computers. Since the game client is entirely Java-based, that worry was not entirely unfounded, but Wurm creator Rolf Jansson eases our concerns with a new announcement today.

Not only is the website back online and safer than ever, according to Rolf, but players are also being rewarded for their patience with a brand-new Freedom (PvE) server named Celebration. In the world of Wurm Online, servers are basically islands of virgin land, ready for exploration. Some server islands have various rules (such as open PvP), but they're all connected to each other through waterways or portals, which expands the persistent world even farther.

Celebration will open its doors at 9 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning and will be accessible from the southern border of the Exodus server.
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