N-Control Avenger Controller Elite reaches GameStop, sells like gangbusters

We got a look at N-Control's Avenger Controller Elite just last month, and the company is rounding out the hardware's May release with a full-court press on GameStop. The retailer's online store is now selling both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 variants of the controller assist as straightforward, bundle-free $50 units. Company creator David Kotkin also tells us that the add-ons have had an extremely warm reception so far: although the Elite lineup had an unsung launch at GameStop on May 29th, it sold out on day one and is still in tight supply, with Xbox 360 examples currently on backorder as we write this. N-Control may have had a tough road in the past several months, but it looks as though that perseverance has paid off.

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Avenger Controller Elite Arrives: Game Stop and The Washington University School of Medicine explore the potential of the Game-Enhancing Controller

Miami, FL (Business Wire) May 31, 2012-- David Kotkin, the inventor of the Avenger
Controller, announced that Game stop, the nation's largest and most influential retailer
of electronic gaming items has begun selling the new Avenger Elite (AE) on line.
The Elite is an adapter that enhances game play for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis thinks the AE is more than just a
competitive edge for Modern Warfare 3.

Although the AE "increases your gaming skills tremendously, it's not cheating," G4
TV notes. It is also legal for professional gaming competition because it contains no
electric component. According to Kotkin, this is a milestone in the history of gaming
because electronically altered PS3 and XBOX controllers are not allowed in legitimate
retail stores. Game Trailers recently tested the Avenger and reported that, "the
Avenger certainly measures up to the competition-- at $49.00 was a good value."

Kotkin says, "The Avenger Elite may look a lot like previous versions of the Avenger,
but it represents a major leap forward for what was already an advanced product. Using
extraordinary new alloys and metals manufactured in America specifically for the Elite,
the Avenger also comes with a new military grade precision hair trigger kit."

Being able to shoot faster with the slightest touch has also caught the eye of the
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Kotkin Enterprises and the
School of Medicine have come together to create a gaming rehabilitation research
partnership to explore how the AE benefits patients in their occupational therapy

The inspiration for the controller that gives average gamers a competitive edge
came from helping a High School student.