N-Control's Avenger goes Elite, keeps classic good looks

Competitive gamers are always looking for a way to sharpen their edge, but few solutions provide leverage like the N-Control Avenger, a controller attachment known for rigging gamepads with actual levers. This quirky clamshell impressed us last year with its customizable trigger pulleys and finger flickable appendages -- allowing us to command the controller's face buttons without taking our thumbs off of its analog sticks. Today the outfit silently unveiled the Avenger Elite, a familiar looking successor that promises to offer more of the same, albeit better.

Company founder David Kotkin explained that the new unit features higher quality materials, a more sensitive hair-trigger system and a new "spring against spring" button depression to give its button levers some extra oomph. The new unit's arms are also stronger, says Kotkin, and shouldn't have to be adjusted between sessions. The Elite sells for the same steep $50 as the original unit, although N-Control is offering a discount on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier when bundled with the plastic peripheral, $75 nets you both. Kotkin was kind enough to send us a few shots of the unit ahead of its May 5th Update: May 12th launch date, check them out in the gallery below, or click past the break for the official press release.

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N-Control Launches Avenger Elite: Offers More Speed and Accuracy for Games Like Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360

Miami, FL (Business Wire) April 20, 2012.

David Kotkin, the founder of N-Control, the company that manufactures and markets the Avenger Controller, an adapter for the PS3 and Xbox 360, today announced the launch of the Avenger Elite. The company's new product is expected to be popular with gamers worldwide. The Avenger Elite is expected to be released at the end of this month.

Earlier models of the Avenger Controller were well received by gamers and reviewers for gaming publications. The AE remains fully legal for professional gaming competition, as well giving amateur gamers the chance to "up their game." According to Kotkin, "The Avenger Elite adapter may look a lot like previous versions of the Avenger but it represents a major leap forward for what was already a very advanced product. Using extraordinary new alloys and metals made in America specifically for the Elite, the new Avenger also makes use of medical grade nano technology and a new military grade precision hair trigger kit."

Media coverage of the Avenger Controller #1 has been uniformly positive. The latest review on the ijustine YouTube video from Spike Network's Game Trailers is representative of the kudos the Avenger has received from reviewers: Kotkin expects the reviews of the AE to be even more positive. The wired arms after being set will not have to be adjusted again. The silicone rubber is more tactile and makes the unit uniquely responsive.

"The hair trigger is even more sensitive to the touch than in previous versions. The special military grade black elastic silicone stretch provides simple solution for what had been a complex problem," says Kotkin. "I call it the "perceived exertion"
effect. Your hands feel five times stronger than they actually are. Very little effort is needed to press the triggers. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the trigger to your own comfort level. Nothing else comes close to providing speed and accuracy
with even the slightest touch. The new trigger is closer to the firing point than ever thought possible," says Kotkin."The AE remaps buttons so they are closer to the shooter's fingers. The new spring against spring action on the triggering device creates
a "bounce " effect that makes the second trigger pull easer than the first. It's possible for quicker reaction time for the shooter and provides less trigger travel and greater accuracy."

According to N-Control, the AE has an easy learning curve. The side levers have been re-shaped on the new models so that ergonomic position is more comfortable N-Control is continually improving the quality of its products. The Avenger Elite is an example of its commitment to upgrade its products for better performance on a regular basis. Ready to work right out of box, the Avenger Elite is perfect for playing "shooter" platforms like Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty, as well as many popular sports-based games. Avenger is legal in MLG competition because there is no electric component to it. The warranty of the controllers is not voided and there is no software change. "We are on GameStop on line store for pre purchase. This is one big step to becoming main stream." says Kotkin.

Founded in 2010, N-Control, a division of Kotkin Enterprises, LLC, is a manufacturer of precision gaming devices and accessories with offices in New York and Miami. The street date is May 5, 2012. The Avenger Elites are available for early purchase at