Serious artists may appreciate Hand Glider iPad glove

If you're an iPad stylus user who gets frustrated when the bottom of your hand touches the screen and throws off the sensor detection, you may be interested in the Hand Glider. Available in one- ($19.99) and two-fingered ($24.99) models, this accessory lets your hand sit on the iPad screen without triggering extra touches.

Developer Joseph Bell tells TUAW, "The main reason I created it was because as a tablet/stylus user I kept getting frustrated while taking notes. I spoke to a couple friends and we all agreed on one thing. It sucks when you have to go back and correct unintentional marks. Then I searched a couple of blogs to see if this was a big issue for others and to my surprise it was. Of course I then searched for a solution product and it just didn't exist. So, I decided to solve this problem and the Hand Glider was born."

When looking into the product, we were surprised to see artist Kyle Lambert quoted. We've covered his work previously on the blog. When we pinged him, he told us that he tried one out a few weeks ago and found it quite useful.

So who might use this accessory? Bell said, "Though the majority of our customers are graphic designers and tablet artists. We have seen a rise in customers that are simple corporate workers and who utilize the iPad/stylus combo for meeting note taking and demos. Our target market is anyone that uses a tablet and stylus and is tired of having to hold their hand in the air while doing it. Think of it as bringing ergonomically correct writing to tablets."

We have not tested out a unit here but if you own or purchase one, drop a note in the comments and let us know how comfortable it is in real-world use.