First issue of WIRED re-released as an iPad app

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Are you a fan of WIRED Magazine? The first issue of the Condé Nast tech magazine appeared back in January of 1993 with futurist Bruce Sterling talking about war and MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte pontificating about "What's wrong with HDTV." WIRED fans who want to relive the past of the future (think about it...) can now get a free iPad version of that first issue.

To read WIRED 1.1.1, you're going to need to have the existing WIRED Magazine app (free), which is loaded into the iOS Newsstand. Look for an icon for "The Premiere Issue Revisited" to download the material, but make sure that you have a lot of free space on your iPad to hold the 1.3GB file. You'll also need a lot of time to download that issue.

The first issue has been replicated, annotated, and includes a full photo archive and a 12,000 word oral history. For WIRED readers or those curious about a tech magazine that has survived almost 20 years when others have gone by the wayside, it's an awesome read. The two-page Apple PowerBook advertisement is worth the download time alone!

[via The Verge]

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