Toshiba's ApriPetit portable robotic interface solves household problems, melts your heart

Remember ApriPoco? It's okay, we'll forgive you if not, but we can't say the same about a similar question asked about that fellow above here in a few years. With a heart and soul as warm as that found in Wall-E, Toshiba's newly-unveiled ApriPetit is around half as large as the aforesaid predecessor, standing just 5.9-inches tall and sporting a pair of eyes capable of staring straight through your being. It's described as a "portable robotic interface," able to understand and act on voice commands using a combination of speech recognition and text-to-speech software. The eyes themselves are said to double as "stereo cameras, which can find and recognize faces and determine how close they are." As of now, there doesn't seem to be any hard-and-fast plans for use, but it's clear that home health and service is an area of interest. Of course, we'd buy one just to converse with -- Malkovich has Siri; we'll take this cutey.