NTT DoCoMo's augmented 3D chat system lets you have your virtual cake

Google's Project Glass has garnered lots of attention among Earthlings and Saiyans on the augmented reality front. Now NTT DoCoMo is serving up its take on the subject -- a tablet-based interface it calls the "Live 3D Communication System." An augmented version of video chat, the system lets users create virtual objects via speech and also check out 360-degree views of virtual environments by moving their tablet around. Use of a special range-imaging camera also allows the software to add people within virtual spaces. The technology is a prototype so it's still a bit rough around the edges. For folks pining for a future with holodecks, however, this is the kind of baby step that's likely needed to make such dreams a reality (though, to be honest, you'll probably be long dead before a real holodeck comes to fruition). Folks whose appetites aren't quite satiated by the video from the Wireless Japan 2012 show can also check the official Japanese promo in all its cake-filled, cheesy glory after the break.