Spotted at Computex: LG's X Note Z350 Ultrabook (video)

Spotted at Computex LG's X Note Z350 Ultrabook handson

Part of the fun of covering tradeshows is that Yanks like yours truly get to handle products that might never make their way stateside. We're going to put LG's 13.3-inch X Note Z350 Ultrabook in that category, since the company doesn't exactly have a strong market presence in the US -- at least not where PCs are concerned. The Z350 is one of many Ultrabooks on display at Intel's booth here at Computex, though it's one of the few we hadn't seen before. Though the press shots we showed you earlier this week make it seem as if this thing is made of aluminum, it's plastic with faux-brushed-metal detailing. The touchpad has the same texture as the palm rest and is so flush that it's nearly invisible from a few feet away. The keyboard is typical Ultrabook fare: shallow, but usable. Ultimately, what impressed us most was the port selection: Ethernet, HDMI and not one, not two, but three USB 3.0 ports. Not bad for an Ultra, eh? If you're curious, we've got close-up shots below, and a walk-through video after the break.%Gallery-157277%

Myriam Joire contributed to this report.