Seen@E3: Atlus' custom Persona 4 Arena arcade stick

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|06.09.12

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During E3, we met with Atlus to check out Persona 4 Arena, among other things, and upon sitting down at the small table in our private presentation room we were surprised to find a P4A arcade stick waiting for us. Immediately, our hearts were all a-flutter with the prospect of a nice limited edition arcade stick.

"There is an official HORI stick in Japan," Aram Jabbari told us, "but this is a Mad Catz that we've customized. There is no official North American stick at this time," and as quickly as they had arisen, our hopes were quickly dashed. Jabbari, who is Atlus' Manager of PR and Sales, said we could post about the stick so long as we promised not to insinuate that it was a real product, or that it was ever going to be released. So! Expect to see it on store shelves before the end of the month.

(But seriously, there is no North American stick at this time.)
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