Apple adopts new MagSafe 2 connector, offers an adapter for your old gear

While Apple was busy unveiling a completely new MacBook Pro and a refreshed MacBook Air, it also introduced a new MagSafe 2 power connector. The new version is longer but slimmer than its counterpart, no doubt to make sure it fits in the MacBook Pro's skinnier confines, but also renders obsolete the connectors for your existing MagSafe adapter or Thunderbolt Display power connector. Not to fear if you absolutely need the connection, however: there's a new, $10 MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter (seen above) that will keep your new laptop powered up. We're worried the adapter may crowd out wider USB devices, as you might have gathered from the above shot, but it's good to know that earlier peripherals will keep humming along.

Update: Check out our hands-on photos of the new connector versus the old!