Duracell Powermat announces 24-Hour Power System, we go hands-on (video)

Duracell Powermat announces 24Hour Power System, we go handson video

Since Duracell and Powermat formed their wireless charging alliance late last year, we've seen the Powermat debut at CES and heard quite a bit about the company's vision for future battery tech. Today the company is unveiling a new charging system which, while not drastically different from the Powermat we've seen before, bundles a few useful products together. In addition to a Powermat for charging the iPhone or iPhone 4, the 24-Hour Power System includes a phone case (necessary for juicing a phone on the Powermat) and a portable backup battery with both microUSB and Apple connectors. The whole package will set you back $100, and it's available online and in NYC stores starting today. Though the system currently only supports the iPhone, the company says it will add compatibility with "an array of other leading smartphones" by this fall. Check out our hands-on demo with Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz below. %Gallery-157374%

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The City that Never Sleeps
Now Has Phones that Never Die!

Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging Ensures Smartphone Batteries Keep Pace with New York Lifestyle

NEW YORK, NY (June 11, 2012) – Duracell Powermat, LLC, the joint venture between Procter & Gamble's Duracell brand and Powermat Technologies, today launched a range of products that ensure New Yorkers will never again have to worry about their phone dying on them. Starting today, the Duracell Powermat 24 Hour Power System will be available at major retail outlets throughout New York City and select online retailers, as well as at

The 24 Hour Power System

The 24 Hour Power System contains three products that, together, give you everything you need to enjoy your smartphone without worrying about the life of your battery. Here's how it works:

A sleek charging "mat" called the 'Powermat' serves as a wireless power transmitter. When you plug the mat into any wall outlet, you immediately hear the welcoming bleep, letting you know that your Powermat is up and running and ready to send power to all enabled devices that will be placed on top of it.

To enable your device you simply insert it into the smartphone case and you are ready to receive wireless power from the Powermat. Simply drop your smartphone on the Powermat and it will charge. The Duracell Powermat case is both protective and decorative. Cases will be available in pink, black and white at retail and in a variety of colors online.

The third component in the 24 Hour Power System is designed to let you take the power with you wherever you go, whenever you need it. The Duracell Powermat Portable Backup Battery serves as your personal portable charger, providing one full charge while on-the-go. Its compact size lets you carry it in your pocket, purse, or bag. The backup battery comes equipped with both micro USB and Apple connectors so it works with practically any smartphone. To recharge the backup battery, you simply drop it on the Powermat alongside your smartphone.

What's more, unlike other standard chargers, the Duracell Powermat System is smart. It knows just the right amount of energy your phone needs and it stops sending power when your phone is fully charged, helping to eliminate energy waste.

Starting today, the 24 Hour Power System will be available exclusively for the iPhone 4 and 4s both at major NY retail outlets and online. Beginning this fall, it will be available in retail outlets nationwide and will support not only the iPhone but also an array of other leading smartphones.

"Today's smartphones are our right hand: evermore powerful, but at the same time ever quicker to run out of power, barely lasting through the afternoon. With The Duracell Powermat 24 Hour Power System, users can now fully utilize their phone throughout the day without having to worry about the battery life. ," said Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO. "And, with our upcoming Wireless Power Nation, this will get even easier. People will be able to charge wirelessly on embedded 'wireless power hot spots' in public venues where they travel and interact throughout their day.All they will need to do is put their phone on the table, same thing they normally do. The only difference is that now, their smartphones will get charged from the table"

Wireless Power Nation

The Duracell Powermat vision, of creating a world where access to wireless power is widely available in places and settings frequented by consumers throughout their day, is also going to transform The Big Apple into a wireless charging showcase. Duracell Powermat has added extensively to its growing list of "ecosystem" partners. In addition to the previously announced partnerships with Madison Square Garden and General Motors, Duracell Powermat has made great strides in attracting best-in-category partners from public and private locations intended to surround consumers with wireless power.

The initial list of wireless partners includes leaders in their category, known for providing their consumers with the best customer service and access to new and unique experiences. These first partners were chosen carefully so that people would have access to power throughout the day. The list of partners who have signed on to wireless charging continues to grow on a weekly basis. Partners with current plans underway include:

· Sports/Entertainment: Barclays Center

· At a Game/Concert: Madison Square Garden

· Entertainment: The 40/40 Club

· Traveling: Delta Sky Club

· Shopping: Westfield Garden State Plaza

· Driving: General Motors, starting with the 2013 Chevy Volt

"Our goalis to create a Wireless Power Nation that enables the consumer to benefit from wireless charging in all areas and aspects of their lives. If they're snacking on their favorite sandwich then we want to offer them a charge in their local eatery; if they're cheering their favorite team then we'll be there for them in their sports arena; if they're traveling then they should have wireless charging in their cars and airports, and when they're shopping, we'll be right there in the mall with public charging spots." said Stassi Anastassov, Duracell Powermat Chairman. "The same is true for their offices when they're working hard and at their clubs and concert halls when they're not. At Procter & Gamble, we refer to this as 'innovation that touches and changes people's lives.'"

"In today's society our mobile devices have become essential tools in business, entertainment and managing our social lives," said Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter, an investor in Duracell Powermat and staunch advocate for wireless technology. "Duracell Powermat has recognized a real need in today's world. The '24 Hour Power System' is a way to keep connected without the worry of losing battery life. Being able to charge wirelessly is a necessary step into the future and Duracell Powermat is leading the way."

In keeping with his strong commitment and belief in Duracell Powermat, Jay-Z has adopted the wireless power revolution and made it his own. Wireless charging has already been installed in his 40/40 Club and will soon come to Barclays Center, home to The Brooklyn Nets which he is part owner.

"These days our devices are completely wireless yet we're still tied to the umbilical cord when it comes to charging them. Even while we rely on our devices to do so much more, battery power fails to keep pace with our needs...until today. From now on, mobile will mean truly mobile" said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat Technologies, the developer of the technology behind Duracell Powermat's products. The 24-Hour Power System and the upcoming Wireless Power Nation are the first offerings in a long pipeline of innovation. This is just the beginning of revolutionary things to come from this brand and our strategic partners."