Sony teases new Xperia phone unveiling within days, wants you to speed it up on Facebook

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As much as we're used to companies offering big teasers for their future devices, it's still rare that they put the revelation itself under our control. Sony's trying just that: its mobile division's Facebook page is promising a new Xperia phone whose unveiling date is contingent on how many people "fast forward" the unveiling date from its original June 22nd. As we're writing, the date has already been moved up to June 20th, and there's a good chance the phone will show up sooner. Just what we'll see is a mystery -- it could be the finished version of the tiny ST21i we saw in April, an international version of the Xperia Neo L, or something else entirely. We'll know as soon as enough visitors give Sony the go-ahead, although we wouldn't be surprised if the references to time are clues.

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