Facebook Camera app for iPhone is now Camera•

Remember the Camera app? No, not the one that ships with every iPhone, but the app that Facebook announced on May 24, 2012. It had the same name as Apple's photography app, but functioned quite a bit more like Instagram. Well, in order to avoid any confusion between the Apple and Facebook apps, Facebook has renamed its app to Camera•.

I presume that's pronounced "camera dot". The name change comes as part of an update this morning that added some other goodies. Not only is the screen name of the app changed to Camera•, but the update notes say that uploads are now more reliable, there's a better explanation about location services access, the app "works better" when location services are turned off, and Help Center is available in the app.

The app is listed on the App Store as "Facebook Camera" to avoid confusion with Camera, Camera+, Camera!, and all of the other similarly-named apps.

[via Engadget]