Pad & Quill's Littlest Black Book turns an April Fool's joke into reality

Back on April Fools' Day, Pad & Quill CEO Brian Holmes let me in on a little joke that he was putting together. The joke was a small version of their Little Black Book iPhone case that was created for the iPod nano. To make the joke look realistic, Holmes and his team actually made a small prototype. Of course, at the time Holmes really didn't think that Pad & Quill would ever make more than just one of these cases, nonetheless put the case into production. Now, after getting some funding through Kickstarter, Pad & Quill is selling the Littlest Black Book as a real product.

The product, which costs US$34.99, is amazingly cute. The result of Holmes' sense of humor is the smallest handmade bindery case for any device. It's made in Minneapolis, Minnesota from of the same quality materials that are used for Pad & Quill's other products. A tiny handmade wood frame holds the iPod nano into place. There is a leather bound cover, and inside the front cover there is even room for a miniscule, stamp–sized bookplate. And would you believe there's even a small red ribbon bookmark?

It's certainly novel (no pun intended), and your friends are sure to do a double-take when you reach into a bag, pull out a tiny book, open it up, and tap on the display. Enjoy the gallery of photos.