Splice takes experimental puzzle games back to the lab today on Steam

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Jessica Conditt
June 14th, 2012
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Splice takes experimental puzzle games back to the lab today on Steam

Splice takes experimental puzzle games back to the lab today on Steam

Splice, the newest game from Auditorium developer Cipher Prime, is available today on Steam for $10, on both PC and Mac. Splice is also available as a soundtrack package deal for $13, and the soundtrack, Flight of Angels, is purchasable on its own for $5.

Coming from a studio known for its musicality, the Splice soundtrack should be a piece of microbial heaven: Immerse your senses in its auditory particulates with the video above or listen to the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Splice takes place in the world between millimeters, under microscopes, presenting geometry and sequence puzzles in the form of microbial strands, all set to the soothing melodies of science. Splice features almost 100 strands in all, with each one presenting new challenges and riddles.%Gallery-158296%
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Play. Mutate. Splice!
Cipher Prime's Latest Creation "Splice" Wins Intel Level Up Award and is Now Available at Steam!


June 14, 2012, Philadelphia, PA – Fresh from a secure lab in Philadelphia's Old City comes "Splice", the newest creation from indie gaming phenom Cipher Prime. Hot on the heels of winning the Intel Level Up award for Best Puzzle game and a showcase at E3, "Splice" is now available for PC and Mac from Steam for $9.99, and is due to release shortly at the Cipher Prime store and Mac App store.

In "Splice", players enter a microbial mini-verse where exploration and experimentation are key, and where structural awareness is crucial. As with all Cipher Prime releases, the game features a unique collection of gaming conundrums, presented with striking and vibrant visuals, matched with melodious and rhythmic music. Players re-sequence, mutate and splice their way through new challenges at each level. With nearly 100 strands in all, "Splice" gets increasingly challenging and satisfying as it goes.

Speaking on the inspiration for the game, Cipher Prime co-founder Dain Saint relays "In creating the game, we wanted to come up with a design based on simulations, where the player can tinker around with a structure at the beginning, fast forward to the end and see how it came out, then head back at any point in time and mess around with it."

With "Splice," Cipher Prime continues to ramp up the studio's momentum. Building from the foundation of its award-winning debut release "Auditorium" in 2008, followed shortly by "Fractal", the company's best-selling "Pulse: Volume One" last year and its successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year for the "Auditorium" multiplayer sequel "Duet", Cipher Prime is now on pace for multiple new releases in the coming year, including games for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – and possibly more!

Full game details for "Splice" – including a new launch trailer – are available at www.playsplice.com.

About Cipher Prime

Cipher Prime is a multi-award winning creative agency from Philadelphia specializing in multiplatform game development and publishing on iOS, PC and Mac. The company's debut game Auditorium, launched in Spring 2008 to great critical acclaim and released for PC and Mac on Steam in February, 2012. Cipher Prime's second game Fractal, captured the attention of gamers everywhere and is currently available for PC and Mac at Steam and the Cipher Prime online store and on iPad at the iTunes App Store. In 2011, Cipher Prime released Pulse: Volume One for iPad, the company's best-selling game to date. Cipher Prime is committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge, and seeks to help enrich the independent developer community. Additional information available at www.cipherprime.com.
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