Harmonix has 'three and/or more' new games in the works, and none are Rock Band or Dance Central

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Harmonix has 'three and/or more' new games in the works, and none are Rock Band or Dance Central
There's kind of a lot of stuff going on at Harmonix Music Systems. At least according to Harmonix director of communications and brand management John Drake, who teased a variety of new "Triple A IPs" that the studio has in the works – beyond Dance Central 3 and Rock Band Blitz. "Dance Central and Rock Band are kind of our big established IPs. And man oh man are we working on multiple – like, more than two – new triple A IPs, right now that we can't talk about at all," Drake said on the latest Harmonix podcast.

He got even more specific, pointing out that "none of them are Rock Band or Dance Central titles," nor are they re-releases/new versions of Frequency or Amplitude. "It's not a previous game. It's not Led Zeppelin Rock Band. This isn't – I'm not talking about Rock Band 4. I'm not talking about the next Dance Central game. I'm talking about new, crazy stuff."

And not necessarily music stuff, either, at least not in the strictest sense. "Some of them are music games, some of them are not full-on rhythm action games. Some of them are brand new things that we created from our gut and brains here at Harmonix. Some are things that we're expanding the universe of," Drake detailed.

Though not much concrete information was doled out, Drake was a bit more clear about when we'll hear more. "Crazy stuff to talk about hopefully next year," he said. He worries that one of those projects is more prone to leaking than others, as "There's a lot of people working on one of them." Harmonix? Leak? Never. And it's always possible we'll hear more about those next Dance Central and Rock Band games sooner than the mystery stuff. "There may be some more Rock Band or Dance Central stuff in the works too," he said. The future is unknown.
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