Daily iPhone App: Drag Racer World roars out of the gate

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|06.20.12

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Daily iPhone App: Drag Racer World roars out of the gate

Drag Racer World is an iPhone title that sits in a weird place: It's a racing game, but then again it's not. This one's all about drag racing, which isn't so much about steering and speed as much as it is just about hitting the next gear when you need to, and the exact specs of your car. In other words, this is more of a role-playing game than a racing game, where you level up a car rather than a sword-wielding hero.

It's really fun, even if you're not a gearhead. As usual, XMG has created a colorful and well-designed game, and the mechanics are simple enough (you just start out shifting gears at the right time and hitting nitro when you need it) that it's very pick up and play. As you progress, however, things get more complex, letting you buy more cars, tweaking them until they're perfect with lots of different parts, and racing up through a career mode.

The game is very much a freemium title, and that may turn some people off -- you need to buy everything in there with in-game currency, and if you're not patient, you may occasionally find yourself frustrated by a lack of credits. But there's plenty to earn between the standard campaign, the daily challenges, and even races against friends. Drag Racer World is a really well-done title that offers a nicely social, very addictive, and genuinely different take on what a racing game can be.

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