Light up seesaw makes Australia's Federation Square feel like a kid again (video)

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Nothing makes us smile like combining our nostalgia for childhood with our current love of hacking up gadgets and electronics. So, we've got to hand it to the folks over at ENESS, a design group whose latest installation takes cues from the playground as well as the DIY scene. Details on what exactly went into the build are sadly scarce, but it seems safe to assume there's at least one accelerometer on the Tilt of Light somewhere. See, this seesaw is home to 33 rows of lights that react in real time to the motion of the lever. There are also four different "atmostpheres" to choose from (air, water, space and yogurt), which effect how the light behaves. Right now the glowing teeter-totter is sitting pretty in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Light in Winter program. You can see this marvel in action in the video after the break, or by making the trip to Federation Square before July 1st.

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