Navigating Phantasy Star Online 2's Japanese open beta

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.24.12

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Navigating Phantasy Star Online 2's Japanese open beta
Navigating Phantasy Star Online 2's Japanese open beta
The good news is that Phantasy Star Online 2 is now in open beta, and it's free so everyone can come and check out how this sequel to the hit console series is developing. The bad news is that the beta currently only comes in the Japanese version, so while you can download the client, unless you can read Kanji, you might be a little lost.

Fortunately, the Phantasy Star Fan Blog is here to help with a guide that walks you through every stage of the beta process -- even if you're not a native Japanese reader. From registering and setting up the beta to fighting and grouping, this guide has it all covered. So if you're willing to do a little cross-referencing, you too could be enjoying PSO2 in no time at all!

Over 41,000 players simultaneously logged on to the beta a week ago, and the developers have pushed the level cap up to 30 as those numbers keep on climbing. Sega plans to release PSO2 later this summer on the PC, PlayStation Vita, and smartphones. There is currently no word as to when an English client will be released.
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