The Daily Grind: Should players be rewarded for playing alts?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.24.12

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The Daily Grind: Should players be rewarded for playing alts?
And if I finish leveling him up, then I can get back to my other alt that needs some of these global unlocks.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is rolling out a big improvement to its Legacy system on Tuesday... at least, a big improvement if you play a lot of alts. If you generally stick to one character, most of the new perks won't actually help your gameplay in the slightest. Which is a bit disappointing if you're not really a fan of playing alts.

Altaholics and their close kin will argue that most MMOs actively discourage alts, some with great vigor (Final Fantasy XI makes an alt almost wholly undesirable at every turn). Having some extra perks for those who like leveling alts is a welcome change. But at the same time, for players who dislike having dozens of characters, it's awful restrictive when you can only get some rewards by doing things you dislike.

So what do you think? Should players be rewarded with some extra perks if they play a lot of alts? Or should playing an alt be its own reward, without any attendant in-game benefits?

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