Champions Online introduces new alert type

Champions Online

If you're looking for a new way to prove your Champions Online prowess, this week's addition of Rampage Alerts is just the thing for you! This new alert type features encounters made for teams of 10 characters of levels 35-40, with heavy emphasis on teamwork and dynamic battle strategy. Players who answer the call of the new alerts will be rewarded with Questionite Ore and costume pieces from their defeated foes.

The blog post introducing this addition highlighted the as-deadly-as-she-is-beautiful Gravitar and her fearsome skills. She's wreaking havoc on Millennium City, and heroes who try to put a stop to her frolics will have to survive her gravitational manipulations -- like causing force eruptions, sending gravity pulses barreling after her targets, and suspending enemies in deadly gravity bubbles. Heroes attempting to face her are also warned to "beware her biting wit," as she "suffers no fashion faux pas," but you might take a look at her costume before you let her make you feel badly about your own.