Improve your Safari YouTube watching experience

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In recent months, have you noticed your Safari-based YouTube watching experience degrade further and further? Are you hopping into Chrome or FireFox just so you can see NyanCats fly? TUAW reader Tim has uncovered a reason this might be happening.

He writes, "The last few months, I've been ticked off at YouTube because it seems like every video I tried to play would keep reloading over and over and the page wouldn't load. I tried resetting Safari, reloading Flash, (ugh), etc, etc, etc. Things would work fine on other browsers, but not Safari."

After doing some legwork, he discovered that Google has deployed a HTML5 video test into its user base. That this option is automatically enabled for many users. To check whether you've been included, visit this Youtube page and scroll down towards the bottom. If you see the evil green checkmark, click the blue "Leave the HTML5 trial." Instantly, you gain 50 karma points and often your video just starts working properly.

Unstinkify your YouTube watching experience

Tim adds, "Just thought you guys might want to reshare this one. I'm doing my good deed for the day." We agree. Thanks, Tim!

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