Microsoft's Xbox 360 $99 on-contract deal expands to Best Buy, Gamestop

The Xbox 360 pilot program's breaking out of its Microsoft Store-only confines and heading to more ubiquitous electronics retailers Best Buy and GameStop starting today. If you'll remember, Redmond intro'd this subsidized plan last month, giving prospective buyers within reach of one of its 16 participating locations the ability to purchase a 4GB version of the console for $99 with a two-year commitment. In exchange for those contract chains, gamers forking over the $15 monthly fee not only get the privilege of owning the console at a discounted, upfront cost, but also Gold level membership to Xbox Live. We'd caution you to think twice and do some hard math before you hand over the plastic, though. Tempting as that low-price barrier to entry is -- in total, a $460 value -- you might be better off grabbing this console outright at $420 or less.