Journey: Collector's Edition won't make the trip to Europe

European fans hoping to pick up the upcoming collector's edition of Journey may be waiting a long time, possibly forever. It appears that the special boxed edition of Journey won't be available in Europe at all, according to thatgamecompany's Twitter account. "We wish Europeans could get it, but there's nothing we can do," reads a TGC tweet, adding further that perturbed fans should make their complaints known to the PlayStation EU Twitter account.

Journey: Collector's Edition was fully revealed over the weekend, and features lots of goodies for the discerning thatgamecompany devotee. In addition to copies of Journey, Flower and Flow, the disc also includes a 30-minute documentary on Journey, commentary, art, screens, soundtracks and three additional mini-games: Grave Digger, Duke War!! and Nostril Shot.