Google details Jelly Bean NFC features: Android Beam upgrade, tap-to-pair speakers

During today's Google I/O keynote, Director of Product Management Hugo Barra detailed Jelly Bean's NFC updates, including Android Beam enhancements and a new tap-to-air feature for Bluetooth speakers. While the company confirmed that there are more than one million Android devices coming online each day, NFC-equipped devices total that same figure in a week. With Android 4.1, those gadgets will be able to transmit photos by tapping (similar to what we've seen with S Beam on the Galaxy S III) with an updated version of Android Beam, and pairing your smartphone with a set of Bluetooth speakers will require a simple bump, assuming the speakers are NFC-equipped as well. There are plenty of more Jelly Bean features to unveil, so that's all we're seeing of NFC for now, but stay tuned for more in our hands-on.

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