Kevin Pereira will host game show based on Quantum Conundrum

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Kevin Pereira will host game show based on Quantum Conundrum
Kevin Pereira hosting Quantum Conundrum show

Square Enix and Los Angeles art/gaming collective iam8bit are teaming up to create a new web-based game show in association with the dimension-bending Quantum Conundrum, out next month. The show will be hosted by Kevin Pereira (formerly of G4's Attack of the Show), and will feature contestants battling it out in "real-life fluffy, heavy, anti-gravity and slow motion dimensions" somehow.

The show, which is called "The Super Dimensional Quantum Learning's Problems and Solutions Gametime Spectacular!!" (no, really; here's the trailer) will also feature Ike, a character from the game who will appear in live-action puppet form. It certainly looks and sounds wacky, depending on your various definitions of the word "wacky."

The show will be available to watch soon. In the meantime, if you need something Quantum Conundrum related to watch, try our livestream! We'll be playing the game live on the Interwebs at 9:30pm EDT.
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