Moving desktop wallpaper brings tranquil WoW scenes to life

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|06.27.12

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Moving desktop wallpaper brings tranquil WoW scenes to life
Moving desktop wallpaper brings tranquil WoW scenes to life
How many times have you run across various areas of Azeroth and snapped a screenshot for your desktop wallpaper? I've got an astonishing number of screenshots taking up space on mine -- and while some are dedicated to various articles, others were taken specifically to create desktop wallpaper. WoW's full of pretty scenery and tranquil vignettes that have little to do with murdering internet dragons, like the shot of Grizzly Hills shown above.

But what if that tranquil scene of Grizzly Hills were actually in motion? Discopriest over at Disciplinary Action asked herself that question and embarked on a quest to create moving wallpaper, scenes from WoW brought to life and ready to stick on your desktop. Disciplinary Action has the full instructions to download and implement Grizzly Hills onto your desktop, but Discopriest's gone one step further and is now asking for feedback and screenshot submissions for more moving bits of scenery. Have a favorite spot to hang out? Send Discopriest a still, and maybe you'll see it in motion as well.

I love the creativity involved with this whole process. Unfortunately, the Grizzly Hills desktop doesn't seem to work correctly on a setup with more than one monitor like my own. But it's still an incredibly creative way to implement WoW on your computer with a little more flair than your average screenshot. I hope we'll see some scenes from Pandaria some time in the future.

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